Tutorial for Paper Quilled Peacock Earrings PDF - Peacock inspired eco friendly jewelry

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What's not to love about peacock jewerly - the colors, the patterns, the fun! Now you can make your own peacock inspired eco friendly jewelry with these comprehensive tutorials! This paper quilling tutorial is an instant download and teaches you to make your own earrings and/or pendants in 6 different designs.

DIY - Make your own paper quilled earrings and pendants!

This .pdf tutorial has all the instructions you need to make six different designs. They are:
1. Circle peacock earrings
2. Peacock chain earrings
3. Double peacock feather earrings
4. Triple peacock feather earrings
5. Paisley peacock earrings
6. Geo peacock earrings

This listing is for a .pdf file only, not the items, not a kit!

This .pdf pattern includes a cover page and 25 full pages of detailed instructions, photos, tips, and tricks.

More than 110 detailed photos allow even someone who has never done paper quilling before to make these designs! Includes beginning paper quilling instructions.

Supplies that you will need: (you can see on my blog here where around the world you can buy quilling supplies): http://www.honeysquilling.com/paper-quilling-supply-sources/

1. Paper strips (you can purchase paper quilling strips or just cut your own!)
2. Slotted and/or needle quilling tool
3. glue
4. earwires and jumprings
5. corkboard or foam board to pin your paper quilling on
6. pointed tweezers (optional, but handy)
7. Round objects for the round circles for the pieces and borders of some of these earrings (dimensions are given in the directions, you can just use everyday objects like pens, cups, bottles, etc. or you can use the specific items mentioned such as an aluminum handle quilling tool and a border buddy)

Optional Supplies:
sealant to make the designs water resistant. See how to use sealants for quilled jewelry here on my blog: http://www.honeysquilling.com/sealants-for-paper-quilling/

This tutorial includes:
*beginning quilling instructions
*tips and tricks for paper quilling
*tips and tricks specific to this style of quilling
*detailed step-by-step photos of these patterns being made
*detailed instructions on how to make your designs water resistant

The last photo in this listing is actually from my butterfly tutorial, but it's indicative of the style that this tutorial is written in as well.

These patterns are created by and copyrighted by Honey Moser from Honey's Hive and Honeys Quilling.
This .pdf tutorial is ©2014 Honeys Quilling. It may not be shared or reproduced in any way. All rights are reserved by Honeys Quilling and Honey’s Hive.
You are free to give away or sell any products that you make from this tutorial. If you sell products made from these patterns you must say that the pattern is from Honey's Hive or Honeys Quilling.

See all of my quilling tutorials here: https://honeysquilling.zibbet.com/shop?shop_section=89386

Tutorial for Paper Quilled Peacock Earrings PDF - Peacock inspired eco friendly Tutorial for Paper Quilled Peacock Earrings PDF - Peacock inspired eco friendly